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Raise money for disadvantaged pupils

I ’Heart’ School is a not-for-profit organisation that helps your local school raise small amounts from people like you in order to contribute to the health, wellbeing and extra... extra-curricular activities of disadvantaged children. Due to factors beyond their control these children miss out on things like breakfast, birthday cards and school trips. Often amazing teachers use their own money to help children they notice are falling behind as a result. A good start in life for all children benefits everyone. Please read this article to understand the inspiration behind this initiative.Read more

How it works

Teachers face a huge dilemma and will often dip into their own pockets when they see that a child in their class is suffering, compared with their peers, due to problems at home. So we ask you to commit to just £1 per month (more if you can) so that no child is left behind and suffers mentally or physically due to something that is not their fault. Early years are important to how we all develop and therefore contribute to society as we grow up.

Choose to... to give money to a particular school, to your local area or across the country. Each head teacher allocates the money within their school to class teachers to use as he or she sees fit. Money given to a local authority area is split between all state-funded schools in the area equally and given directly to them. Money given nationally is split between all state-funded schools in the United Kingdom in the same way. If you live in a relatively wealthy area you might consider giving to schools further afield.Read more

You choose exactly where your money goes:

What your gift will go towards

Money given to a school is managed by the head teacher via the class teachers. They have a good idea which children are most in need due to problems at home and therefore missing out.

Schools typically have to find extra money to fund:

  • Breakfast club

  • Fruit

  • Books to read at home

  • School trips

  • Birthday cards

  • Warm clothes

  • Lunch (where free school meals are not available)

We encourage... encourage head teachers to post updates on their school’s page (coming soon) on the I ‘Heart’ School website, without referring to individual children, so you can see what you are helping to achieve.Read more

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